Ing, Wright, Waller, Ely, and Related Families in 2011

These individuals are mostly from Canada or the United Kingdom. The Ings and Wrights came to Canada from London, England. The Ings came to London from Chesham, Buckinghamshire. The Wrights came to London from Carleton Rode, Norfolk. The Suters and Evanses came from Huntingdon. The Wallers were from Rogate, Sussex and James Waller emigrated to Australia in 1856, and his descendants live in Australia. Contact was re-established with this branch of the family in June 2006.  

The mother of Martha Jane Forsbury was Ann Waller, whose ancestory goes back to John Goldring and Margery Diggons who were married on 17 Nov 1572 in Rogate, Sussex, England. This is as early as parish records go for this parish (and most others).

As of August 2011, I am aware of 715 descendants of Robert Ing and Rosamond (Rose) Richardson who were married in Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England on 24 Dec 1788. These are our earliest known ancestors on the Ing line. 

Many mysteries remain to be explored.

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